USUN Rome Ambassador David Lane highlights links between water management, food security at “Road to Expo: Water for Food” conference

U.S. Ambassador to the UN Agencies in Rome, David Lane, participated in the “Road to Expo: Water for Food” conference in Rome, an event organized in cooperation with the National Research Council (CNR) at the American Studies Center and the U.S. Embassy to Italy.

The conference promoted the role of science and technology in improving water management systems to address today’s food security and climate change challenges.  Ambassador Lane’s remarks highlighted the USG approach to water management in its development work abroad; the relationship between water and malnutrition and hunger; and efforts by the Obama administration to protect the world’s fisheries.  Further, Ambassador Lane used this event as an opportunity to publicize U.S. involvement in Milan Expo 2015.

Aside from Ambassador Lane’s participation, the event also included remarks by two scientists from U.S. Geological Survey’s National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center who were in Rome for the January 26-29 FAO conference on “Inland Fisheries,” as well as a roundtable discussion featuring the directors of the CNR marine research institutes.