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United States elected as President of the IDLO Assembly of Parties
November 28, 2023

CDA Hunter’s Statement After the Election of the United States as President of the International Development Law Organization Assembly of Parties

November 28, 2023


The United States is grateful for the support of the IDLO Parties and looks forward to serving as President of the Assembly of Parties in 2026 and as Chair of the Standing Committee from the end of this meeting until then.  The United States is honored to accept this responsibility once again.

The United States congratulates Mongolia on its election as Vice President and Italy as ex-officio Vice-President; Italy, Kuwait, the Philippines, and Turkiye on their respective elections to the Standing Committee and/or the Audit and Finance Committee, and the new members of the Board of Advisors on their appointments.  Your active participation in governance and oversight functions is an important responsibility and a valuable contribution to the organization. Thank you in advance for your service and cooperation.

Director-General Beagle’s reappointment for a second term is reflective of her effective advocacy for the rule of law, strategic thinking to advance peace and sustainable development and inspiring leadership.  The United States welcomes the opportunity to work even more closely with Director-General Beagle during her second term in office leading and directing the IDLO team.  We share the objectives of keeping IDLO strong and dynamic, amplifying the impacts of its work across the world, and broadening its base of political and economic support.

The need for IDLO and the relevance of its work cannot be understated.  As we have heard here and in UN meetings in New York earlier this year, the world is still far from achieving SGD16.  But the need to foster peaceful and just societies, accountable and transparent institutions, and inclusive decision-making has never been greater.  SDG 16 reflects the foundational values that enabling meaningful and durable progress across all of the SDGs.  Clearly the world needs an “all-hands-on-deck” approach and the best performance from each and every player.

Luckily, we have IDLO on our side and at our service.  IDLO is an indispensable force-multiplier in our quest to enable all people, everywhere, to live in peace under the rule of law, exercise their human rights with dignity, and enjoy the benefits of social and economic development opportunities.  And IDLO staff members, as I mentioned earlier today, fulfill this mission courageously, day in and day out, in some of the most difficult and dangerous environments in the world.

A critical early step will be the development of the new Strategic Plan for 2025-2028.  As Standing Committee chair and as a deeply invested IDLO Party, the United States looks forward to working with the Director-General, the Parties, and stakeholders in an inclusive and productive process to formulate and implement the new strategic plan.

Accordingly, the United States invites all Parties to actively support IDLO and its activities.  There is much that Parties can do at home, in our regions, and multilaterally to promote understanding of and commitment to IDLO’s key priorities: rule of law, anticorruption, gender equality, and inclusive development.

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, Director-General: Thank you again for the chance to serve this organization and, in turn, to serve people across the world yearning for the promises of the UN Declaration of Human Rights and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The United States is committed to you, Director General.  We are committed to this organization.  We are committed to the employees and staff of IDLO.  And we are committed to our fellow Members present today.  Thank you for your trust in us as we take on this responsibility – now, let’s get to work!