U.S. Support for UN Farmer Field Schools Promotes Rural Development in Haiti

By Heather Eaton. Getting out of Rome and into the field to see international humanitarian projects in action is an essential part of representing the United States at the United Nations food and agricultural agencies in Rome. Visiting the operating grounds of these projects and meeting beneficiaries allows us to see firsthand how U.S. contributions to ...
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Helping the Most Vulnerable Lift Themselves Up in Cambodia

Traveling in the developing world to observe food security challenges and review projects and progress often stirs mixed emotions, and our just-completed trip through Cambodia was no exception. Alongside the excitement of learning about dramatic gains in agriculture productivity and cautious optimism from seeing important nutrition lessons adopted, I have to acknowledge the bracing effect ...
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Smallholder Farmers Go Commercial in Tanzania

On the way to Hoyohoyo Village, south of Dar es Salaam, we learned how diseases like Cassava Mosaic Disease and Brown Streak Disease, in addition to drought, have been severely affecting cassava crops in the region, undermining both the food security and livelihoods of small holder farmers. To tackle these blights, the Government of Tanzania, ...
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