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U.S. Mission to the UN Agencies in Rome

via Boncompagni 2
Rome, Italy
Phone: (06) 4674-3500
Fax: (06) 4674-3535

Other USUN Personnel

Meghan Latcovich, Chief of Staff

Tel. 39-06-4674-3546

E-mail: LatcovichM@state.gov

Sean Cox

  • Alternate Permanent Representative
  • Agricultural Attaché, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Area of responsibility: Agricultural and natural resources policy and trade issues, FAO

Tel: 39-064674-3544
E-mail: CoxS2@state.gov

Ronit K. Gerard

  • Alternate Permanent Representative
  • Senior Development Officer

Areas of responsibility:

Tel: 39-06-4674-3544

E-mail: GerardR2@state.gov

Silvia Giovanazzi

  • Political/Economic Program Specialist

Area of responsibility: FAO governing bodies, Finance and Oversight, Fisheries

Tel: 39-064674-3536
E-mail: GiovanazziS@state.gov

Hammad Hammad

  • Alternate Permanent Representative
  • Political/Economic Officer

Areas of responsibility: Budget and Finance Officer for FAO, Staff Pension Committee, American Citizen Employment

Tel: 39-064674-3505
E-mail: HammadHB@state.gov

Naomi Mattos

  • Alternate Permanent Representative
  • Public Affairs Officer

Area of responsibility: Media relations and public outreach

Tel: 39-06-4674-3521

E-mail: MattosNA@state.gov

Kevin  McGlothlin

  • Alternate Permanent Representative
  • Humanitarian and Development Counselor, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

Areas of responsibility: Principal Officer for all USAID activities associated with any Rome-based UN agency. The primary focus is on providing oversight of humanitarian assistance policy and programs, including food security policy as relates to larger USAID development issues.

Tel: 39-06-4674-3512
E-mail: McGlothlinKC@state.gov

Sarah Leonard

  • Alternate Permanent Representative
  • Senior Humanitarian Advisor, U.S. Agency for International Development

Area of responsibility: Humanitarian relief policy and programs related to the World Food Program and the Food and Agriculture Organization.

Tel:  39-064674-3515
E-mail: LeonardS2@state.gov

Hang Nguyen  

  • Alternate Permanent Representative
  • Humanitarian Program Specialist, U.S. Agency for International Development

Areas of responsibility:  Programmatic and operational issues related to the World Food Program

Tel: 39-064674-3510
E-mail: NguyenHK@state.gov

Elizabeth Petrovski

  • Alternate Permanent Representative
  • Finance and Oversight Specialist, U.S. Agency for International Development

Areas of Responsibility: Institutional and Policy guidance to the World Food Program

Tel: 39-064674-3509
E-mail: PetrovskiEA@state.gov

Samuel Rothenberg

  • Alternate Permanent Representative
  • Political/Economic Officer

Areas of responsibility:  IFAD, IDLO, ICCROM, UNIDROIT

Tel: 39-064674-3528
E-mail: RothenbergSF@state.gov

Alison Storsve

  • First Secretary, Alternate Permanent Representative
  • Political/Economic Section Chief

Areas of responsibility: Institutional and policy coordination with special focus on FAO

Tel: 39-064674-3506
E-mail: StorsveAB@state.gov