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Ambassador Kip Tom visits model Italian farm
May 30, 2020

Ambassador Tom was invited this week to visit Maccarese S.p.A, Italy’s largest farm, comprising 7,900 acres along the coast just north of Rome. It is also the biggest dairy farm in Italy with 3600 cows that produce 12,700 gallons of milk  They also grow almonds, cereals, fodder and vegetables.

The farm is focused on sustainability so to decrease their carbon footprint they produce bio-gas using the manure from the cattle and the silage from their crops.  The substantial amount of bio-gas produced not only covers the needs of the farm, but feeds onto the national grid. The property includes 1000 acres of Mediterranean scrub along the coast that is rich with bird and animals species and is managed by the World Wildlife fund.

“The farm, “ says Ambassador Tom, “uses satellite technology for its cropping operations, driving the equipment, varying the rate of seed and fertilizer application and crop care products, maximizing productivity. It is a model Italian farm using available science and technology to make sure they do their part in feeding a hungry world.”