Ambassador David J. Lane tells the XI Annual Worldwide Forum on Education and Culture in Rome that the global community must work together to solve cr

David J. Lane, United States Ambassador to the UN Agencies in Rome (USUN) addressed an audience representing over 20 countries at the XI Annual Worldwide Forum on Education and Culture on November 29th in Rome.  This year’s XI Forum focused on “Learning and Living Around the World:  New Perspectives for New Challenges.”

Ambassador Lane stressed the importance of the global community working together to address some of the critical issues the U.S. Mission focuses on, namely, providing humanitarian and development assistance to fight chronic hunger, malnutrition and poverty.

Several of the participants were already familiar with Ambassador Lane’s past work leading non-profit organizations.  Engaging questions from the audience prompted the Ambassador to passionately share his views on the importance of participation by local governments on the ground, and the growing importance and focus on women in the agricultural sector.